Over the years, our team here at Simply Fresh Fruit has been supplying and delivering a wide range of perishable items to clients in hospitality-based, aged care and several other clients, such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurts, sauces, condiments and some other dairy products. However, we have recently decided to introduce a range of wholesale frozen fruit products to our available range as well.

Why Frozen Fruit?

Although this may seem like an unusual product to offer, frozen fruit has a myriad of uses in the hospitality industry, as well as in facilities such as aged care homes and schools.

For example, in aged care facilities and schools, frozen fruit can not only be stored indefinitely; it’s possible to order specific items in bulk quantities and only remove the amount out of the freezer that will be needed at any given time. Café, deli and restaurant owners are able to use our frozen fruit range to prepare and serve a range of smoothies, milkshakes, desserts, cake toppings, fruit punches, sauces, spreads and dips and many other dishes.

Benefits of Purchasing Bulk Frozen Fruit from us

Many hospitality-based business managers and owners are under the impression that frozen fruit products will be too costly to order and use. However, it has been proven many times over that when purchasing these products from us, they are not only able to obtain them in large quantities; we have done everything possible to ensure that they are able to be supplied at the best possible wholesale prices as well.

Other benefits that will be experienced when purchasing frozen fruit from us are that far less preparation time is required before using or serving and there is a lot less wastage than if fresh fruit had to be purchased, prepared and stored.

When storing frozen fruit at the recommended temperature, it also has the ability to last for weeks or even months if required. This makes it ideal for smaller businesses or organisations that may not require particular types of fruit as often as others.

Delivery to your Door

As a hospitality-based business manager or owner, your time is often severely constrained, meaning that you may not always be able to source the best quality frozen fruit products yourself. When ordering through us, you will not only obtain premium products; it is possible to have them delivered to your door six days per week as well. This enables you to spend more time focusing on other business-related aspects such as providing premium customer service and an extensive range of products.

If you have been considering using frozen fruit products in any area of your business, but have not been sure where to obtain them, look no further. We are able to provide many different options at the best possible wholesale prices. Simply fill in the contact form on our website today and we will have one of our team members get back to you as soon as possible to address your enquiries.