If you want to give your customers quality options for beverages, you should make sure to always keep a supply of healthy bottled water on hand. At Simply Fresh Fruit, we offer AquaBotanical, a high quality option for fine water for your business. Choosing water that comes from Australia also helps your business to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

All year round, fruit and vegetable are grown and harvested in Australia’s diverse growing regions. Some harvests are more generous than others resulting in so much produce that we simply can’t eat it all. Instead of wasting this produce, Australian farmers have been turning it into juice.

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AquaBotanical is a water that is 100% made from fruit and vegetable. Using a special process, the naturally occurring water that is found in fruit and vegetable are harvested at the same time as the juice concentrate is made. AquaBotanical also contains 74 plant based minerals, for example: Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc. It is the world’s first botanical water and we are proud to offer it here at Simply Fresh Fruit.

Invented right here in Australia, it was a 2015 winner of the Australian Food Innovations Award. AquaBotanical also won two awards at the Global Bottled Water Awards in 2016 for Best New Water Concept and Best Sustainability Initiative.

If your business has a strong commitment to buying Australian products, AquaBotanical is the perfect product to add to your lineup of beverages. They also make a second sparkling water beverage by extracting, filtering and mineralising the aqueous liquid from juice concentration. It has subtle carbonation added for a delicious, clean and refreshing taste.

At Simply Fresh Fruit, we take pride in the fact that our products are used by top Australian businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Our customers, as well as your guests, demand that best quality still and sparkling water, which we deliver thanks to the latest addition of water beverages to our product line.

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