When you get your weekly fresh fruit provided from Simply Fresh Fruit, you’ll have everyday, a fantastic variety of fresh produce in the cupboard for your family to enjoy.

Tony, our Simply Fresh Fruit specialist fruit and veggie buyer, could be the key person that talks to our farmers on a daily basis and determines what seems amazing enough to make the cut for your fruit delivery. He’s on the beat with what’s looking super fresh, choosing the right fresh produce staples you’ll need for your weekly meals every week,ideal for four hungry mouths, you’ll look for a variety of delicious, seasonal fruit.

Reach your weekly quota of fruit basics without worrying about ensuring it is there when it is snack time.. A great myriad of crisp Australian apple varieties is a standard fixture in your fresh fruit delivery. Also the  most used fruit in Australia is the banana; we love them and thankfully they’re a fruit that’s available year-round. Tony also loves selecting some different types of fruit to your box delivery, depending on seasonality.

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Home Delivery Information

Delivery Times:

We Deliver Monday through Saturday, 6am to 3pm (other times by prior arrangement) and cover the following areas:

+ Melbourne C.B.D
+ Melbourne Metropolitan
+ North & Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne
+ Mornington Peninsula
+ Surrounding Mornington Peninsula suburbs
+ Phillip Island and Wonthaggi


The various fruit available in each unique season is where your fresh fruit supply gets really interesting. Aussie fruit enjoys sunlight, and it’s the summer months where you’ll spot the welcome reappearance of marvelous tropical fruits like mangoes, custard apples and pawpaw in addition to the most stunning stone fruit, including cherries, plums, peaches and apricots (to get a very short season). Summer is also perfect berry climate, and your Simply Fresh Fruit – fruit shipping will little doubt feature blackberries, raspberries and berries. Melons will become a normal summer choice in your fruit distribution; rubyred, thirst, rockmelons and enjoy honeydews -quenching watermelons.

Your fresh fruit delivery will be laden with annual pears, of all different versions. Persimmons and quinces might make an appearance, and we encourage you to let them have a try – they’re not that widespread in Aussie fruit bowls, but are definitely worth savouring. In winter, it’s all about vitamin C. Nature does her better to help us ward off the season’s inevitable units of the common cold, and so makes certain that navel oranges, mandarins, grapefruit and lemons come in abundance; they’ll feature clearly inside your winter fruit delivery. In spring, pineapples and avocados herald the start of warmer months ahead.

You’re getting sustainably and ethically by selecting an Simply Fresh Fruit Fruit Box. We simply deliver the fruit which our customers want. Since you purchase your distribution in advance, there’s no guessing game at our end and thus there’s limited waste. By getting our local produce sent to your door, you’re reducing your vehicle trips for the supermarket. Only short distances travel to get at you, which means that not simply do they get to super fresh, mint condition, you’re electing to make a positive impact on your personal carbon footprint. And did you know that you’re saving an average of about one hour a week by experiencing the question that is home delivery rather than wasting time schlepping for the store? Happy days over-all!

Did we actually mention the grade of our produce? Premium A1 or it does not get used. Simple as that. Our fruit will be fresh. It will only be seasonal. And it’ll most definitely will be good and affordable. We pick some of the incredible fruit from your best growing areas of Australia, and we feel fortunate to have our pick of the plant.

We work to recycle our boxes – to decreace the carbon foot print further. You will notice that they are in clean – recycled – farmers fruit boxes and repackaged for delivery to you. It shows the initiatives we head to in supporting our Aussie growers by sourcing fantastic quality, new Australian produce. Our farming folk are like family. We’ll always deliver the freshest and best income can buy as we strive to obtain a good value deal from our fruit farmers, then pass that saving on to our customers. But we’ll never screw them towards the wall to cut a deal and generally regard these purveyors. These are people who are together with us within this business. They’re partners; it’s not just a master and servant relationship. By respecting them as well as their business, we have proved to these producers that there is better, another, lighter method to do business.

Sandhurst(3977), Langwarrin(3910), Carrum Downs(3201), Lyndhurst(3975)

These are just a few reasons why you will not find a more customer-focused fruit and vegetable wholesaler delivery service in Melbourne.

With a large list of happy and loyal customers, we at Simply Fresh are so confident that our service and quality is so good –


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