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Brace Yourself for Price Rise in Victoria Owing to Recent Floods A balanced diet of nutritious meats, fruits and vegetables is important for good health. This balance could be somewhat badly affected due to the recent floods in Victoria. Prices of retail fruits and vegetables had already been on the rise. And now, impacted by the recent floods, the prices of fruit have jumped by 15 pct and vegetable prices have gone up by 11 pct. Faced with this somewhat sudden surge in prices of vegetables and fruits many people would have to consider making changes in their diets. [...]

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Factors to consider while choosing fresh produce vendor

Does your commercial kitchen work on a tight schedule that you do not find time to purchase fresh produce? Or, have you been figuring out ways to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your doorstep? Well, the options are numerous. Today, there are online wholesalers who deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms to your doorstep. The best part is, you can get the vegetables and fruits of your choice delivered without paying anything extra to get them delivered. Therefore, you will be saving huge in terms of both time and money, which obviously makes a great deal [...]

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