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At Simply Fresh Fruit, we are the leading supplier of wholesale fruit in Melbourne. As a third-generation wholesale fruit supplier, we guarantee high quality service and great tasting fruit. Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Simply Fresh Fruit for fresh fruit delivery in Melbourne.

Competitive Wholesale Fruit Prices

Let's start with the cost. When you purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from a wholesale supplier in Melbourne and expect a daily delivery service, buying in bulk, paying on time and fewer deliveries are important to get the best service. Simply Fresh Fruit is a fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Melbourne, we work  directly with local Fruit farmers to skip the middlemen so that you save even more. 

It's the Taste That Matters

For most businesses, the taste of the fruit is just as important as the cost, if not more so. When fruit is grown in faraway regions, that means that it may not be in season, causing it to be grown under less than ideal conditions that will affect the taste.

Compare a locally-grown Australian avocado that is bursting with flavor with a barely ripe, somewhat undeveloped avocado that has been shipped in from overseas. When crops are grown here in Australia, they have the potential to develop their full flavor.

Our fruit are also carefully packed to ensure that they reach you in the best condition possible. This means better tasting fruit and dishes for your customers thanks to our higher quality produce and service.

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Variety All Year Long

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that there are a variety of crops that can be harvested at all different times of the year. To find out what's available from Simply Fresh Fruit, just visit our Produce page to see the fruit that is available during the different seasons of the year. DOWNLOAD a fruit guide.

Convenient Delivery Options

Simply Fresh Fruit can deliver fresh and high quality fruit directly to your commercial kitchen, restaurant or office doorstep. With convenient delivery schedules and times, you'll be able to order exactly what you need and have it delivered when you need it. Our fresh fruit delivery service is fast and efficient to ensure that your needs are always met.

Online Order System

We offer an easy to use online ordering systems so that you can place orders without ever having to pick up the phone or visit us in person. Simply select the quantities of the items that you need, schedule your delivery time, and we’ll make sure that the items are delivered to your business right away. It doesn’t get any easier to buy wholesale fruit online you will need to register for access REGISTER HERE than Simply Fresh Fruit!

Fruit Market

The Melbourne fruit market is located in Epping and is operated and administered by the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA), established under the Melbourne Market Act 1977. This market is the central market for fruit and vegetable wholesale distributors, Fruit shops, Fruit box delivery organisations and supermarkets around victoria. Fresh Produce suppliers and growers from around Melbourne and greater Victoria use the Epping market as the place to distribute their fruits and veggies to the agents who inturn supply the wholesalers who inturn supply the general public. The Fruit and Vegetable Market in Melbourne is a world unto itself. It needs to be seen to be believed.

Fruit Shops

The local fruit shop was as iconic in Australia as the local Pub. Many new imigrant families found their livelihood. Unfortunately the supermaket fruit section has devastetd these small business from being viable and has given an unfair position to the supermarkets - that of a monoploy. This has affected the Farmers or fresh fruit as much as it has the local Fruit Shops.As a supplier to fruit and veg shops we are keen to see a rivival of loyalty to the local fruit and vege shop.

Fruit Box

The latest trend in health in Melbourne is the office Fruit Box delivery service to corporate offices, especially in the Melbourne CBD.The Fruit Box is a great way for owners of corporate business' to ensure that their employees are more healthy and eating less junk food. 

Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Melbourne

With Melbourne expanding at a rapid rate we are finding more and more business wanting fruit and veg delivery in Melbourne for their commercial kitchens, restaurants or catering supplies. Fruit and Veg wholesalers are now moving towards delivering to ffice buildings, where office staff are realising the importance of a fruit box delivery.


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