Most people know just how important it is to ensure that they remain adequately hydrated throughout the day. When questioned regarding why they don’t drink water more often, taste is often cited as the main reason for not doing so. If you own a café or any other business in the hospitality industry and you are considering supplying bottled water to your customers, why not take a look at our AquaBotanical range?

Water with a Difference

Although there are several brands of bottled water on the market claiming to be ‘different,’ AquaBotanical is unlike any other bottled water on the market. While it has been discovered that some bottled water brands are nothing more than carbonated tap water, this is certainly not the case with this brand.

AquaBotanical is water that has been sourced completely from fruits and vegetables and the process used to extract it has been globally patented. This nor only helps provide a bottled water product that is loaded to the hilt with natural nutrition; it ensures that every drop of precious water can be put to good use – certainly a big deal in a country that experiences severe droughts and where water is deemed more precious than anything else.

How AquaBotanical Water is manufactured

Unfortunately, not all fruit and vegetables that are harvested have a perfect appearance. Instead of allowing so-called ‘imperfect’ produce go to waste, farmers are normally able to sell it to various juice manufacturers. Once the produce has been pressed to extract the juice, a substantial amount of water is left over from it as well – which is often wasted.

Although this manufacturing by-product was rendered unusable until recently, AquaBotanical managed to find a way to make use of it, converting it into clean and clear drinking water. This water is also 100% free from all forms of additives, preservatives, toxins and sugar. All that is added to this water is gentle carbonation to the sparkling range.

Bottled in Glass

These days, so many bottled water brands are being sold in plastic containers. Not only does this make their contents taste unpleasant after being stored for a while; it can leech potentially harmful substances into the water itself. However, All AquaBotanical water products are bottled in glass, ensuring the best taste possible.

Spoil your Customers Today

If you have been searching for a premium bottled water brand to serve in your café, restaurant, hotel, luxury resort or other hospitality-based business, look no further than AquaBotanical. The water is available in sparkling and still varieties, with both being available in 330 ml and 750 ml bottles. It makes the perfect accompaniment to any form of fine food and wine without risking overpowering or ruining any carefully planned pairing.

This water has an added advantage in that it is 100% Australian owned and crafted. We are able to provide this product to all hospitality-related businesses and an additional benefit is that we offer a 6-day per week delivery service. This enables business owners to focus on ensuring complete client satisfaction. If you own a hospitality-related business and would like to find out more about AquaBotanical water products, contact us today.