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Did you Know that Simply Fresh Fruit Supply Wholesale Eggs?

They are one of those grocery items that are seldom given a second thought – until such time as they run out or go bad. As a manager or owner of a café, restaurant, aged care facility, school hostel or other hospitality-based business, you simply cannot afford to let this happen. Our team at Simply Fresh Fruit has stepped up and is now able to supply and deliver a range of the freshest Victorian farm free-range eggs to your premises six days per week. Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Eggs From Us When ordering your Victorian farm eggs from us, [...]

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What’s in Season in December?

Eating seasonal produce is not only an excellent way for you to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals; it will usually be far kinder to the environment and your wallet as well. If you have been unsure about what December has in store with regards to seasonal fresh produce, read on. 1. Raspberries Not only are these extremely tasty in desserts, sauces and on their own; it has been discovered that raspberries are excellent for promoting heart health, can assist with improving health of Type 2 diabetes sufferers, boost immunity levels and even promote healthy eyesight. 2. [...]

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Eoss Yoghurt

When buying yoghurt, many consumers make the mistake of basing their choice on a low price and/or a pretty package – instead of what’s actually inside of it. Eoss is a premium brand of Greek yoghurt that is carefully manufactured by The Victoria Yoghurt Company and it has been distributed throughout Melbourne and beyond on a weekly basis since 2004. Greek Yoghurt with a Difference While most other brands of Greek yoghurt have been stirred during the manufacturing process, Eoss is completely different in that it is strained instead. This means that any whey in the yoghurt is carefully [...]

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Sauces, Dressings, Mayo, Toppings and More from 8 Food

Anyone who owns or manages any type of hospitality-based business knows exactly how important it is to provide clients with the best quality consumable items such as dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, various types of toppings and other condiments. They also realize that finding the right items is extremely time-consuming unless they are able to use a reliable supplier that is able to provide and deliver these items to their door. About 8 Food 8 Food develops and supplies a wide range of dressings, mayonnaises, marinates, sauces, toppings, stir-fries and other condiments to various retail, food service and hospitality-based businesses throughout [...]

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